Sistrack Solusindo specialised in :

  • Fleet Management System
    Sistrack fleet management solutions combines both an online fleet management system and a host of tailored services for your organisation – resulting in efficient and cost effective fleet management.
    We specialize in several market such us heavy equipment, transporter, rental and many other industries.
  • Inventory System
    Sistrack Inventory System
    will help you to manage you inventory easily. You can track your on going stock, out going stock, manage purchase order or sales order, control account receivable and account payble, etc from any whare and any time. This Inventory system also equipped with Point Of Sales (POS) for your convenience.
  • Procurement system
    Run procurement easily, from request, vendor appointment, approval, payment, delivery until finance. Client can track the process, remainder, history. All with Sistrack Procurement System.
  • Company Profile
    Technology can also help your corporate to build its image. With company profile, we can help clients to spread the image through internet
  • Data Transfer Management System
    With data transfer management system, branch office or counter can synch data to server every day automatic with effective cost. Server can track branch expenses and income easily.

Who we are

PT. Sistrack Solusindo forms its IT Services and solution according to your business goals and demands and results it needs